Zen Basics in Action


Doing Zen Basics before checking my FB friends has actually helped keep me out of the rabbit hole. Next challenge IG :) -- D.C.

Zen Basics Celebrities

"One of the most profound and valuable work tools I have found." -- J.M., Nova Scotia

"Don't know if anyone else has tried this... but doing ZB (the short one) before and after using social media really did the trick for me." -- R.R.

"For those who learn by 'hands on' this is an ideal tool." -- A.H., Boulder, CO

Zen Basics Forum

Hello. Today i used the Zen Basics training for the attention of the essential self. I found the music in the Zen Basics helped me to focus or let go. Just a thought. I felt a change of awareness after Zen Basics. I felt more relaxed particularly less mental tension or need to identify with my crap. Hey there is an endorsement ! -- M.S. California

"I can tell you from personal experience that Zen Basics in conjunction with simple browsing exercises is working for people. While it is true that your mileage may vary, everyone that gives it an honest try reports movement toward the goals they have set." -- Claude Needham (Trainer)